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After messengers from Babylon visited King Hezekiah, Isaiah prophesied that the kingdom of Judah would eventually be conquered by the Babylonians. Isaiah also prophesied of the coming of Jesus Christ and testified of His power and desire to strengthen and save His people. Invite students to think about somebody they know who faithfully obeys the words of the prophet and the standards in the For the Strength of Youth booklet. What are some ways we are blessed when we obey the words of the prophets? The Lord warned that Egypt would not protect them see Isaiah —7.

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Invite a student to read Isaiah —11 aloud. Ask the class to follow along, looking for what the Lord commanded Isaiah to write about the people. Invite students to report what they find. Invite a student to read Isaiah —14 aloud. What happens structurally to a wall when it has a fracture or a crack?

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It is weakened. How is a crack or fracture in a wall an appropriate metaphor for the consequences of sin? If the consequences of sin are like a crack in a wall, what happens to us if we sin by rejecting the words of the prophets? Students may give a variety of answers, but make sure it is clear that if we rebel against God by rejecting the words of the prophets, then we will be weakened.

Bible Commentaries Plus: Isaiah

Write this principle on the board. Invite students to think about examples of people in the scriptures who became weakened by rejecting the words of the prophets. After students respond, add the following to the principle on the board: If we continue to reject the words of the prophets, we will suffer spiritually. In some cases, these consequences may not come until the next life. What are some things you can do personally to avoid this breach coming into your life and testimony? Summarize the rest of Isaiah 30—31 by explaining that although the Lord invited the people to repent, the people refused to do so.

Isaiah rebuked them for not relying on the Lord for divine protection and assistance. Invite a student to read aloud the following summary of Isaiah 32—34 :. Even though the people of Judah rejected his words, Isaiah continued to fulfill his role as a prophet.

Invite several students to share their experiences. Invite a student to read Isaiah —6 aloud.

Handbook on the Prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, Minor Prophets

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Isaiah Addison Paschal, lawyer, jurist, and legislator, was born in Lexington, Georgia, in In Georgia he read law under Col. Frank Hardeman. He was admitted to the bar in and in moved to Louisiana, where he later served in the legislature and on the bench of a circuit court. He moved to San Antonio, Texas, in and practiced law there until , when he was elected to the Texas legislature.

Review of de Waard, A Handbook on Isaiah

He was a Unionist member of the Constitutional Convention of , where he caused factional lines to be drawn very closely by introducing a resolution to require each member of the convention to take the constitutional oath, a requirement that would have disqualified most of the members of the convention. Paschal was a Presbyterian. He died at his home in San Antonio on February 21,