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View PDF Flyer. Contents About. Pages: 1— Pages: 34— Pages: 67— Pages: — Biographical Note Nicholas Must, Ph. His research is focused on early modern Huguenot history. Papendorf, Central Michigan University.

French Wars of Religion

Those interested in Huguenot history and early modern France, as well as those interested in Reformation history or in the history of sermons. Pages: i-vii, pp. Baum well remarks that "the last words furnish the most irrefragable proof of the great and convincing impression which the speech in general had made. Beza, ii.

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Letter of Cath. La Place and Hist.

History of the Rise of the Huguenots, Vol. 2 of 2: In Two Volumes (Classic Reprint)

The impression made by the cardinal's speech upon his Romanist and Protestant hearers differed widely. Peter Martyr judged more leniently Ib. It is, therefore, hardly likely that Beza said, as Dr.

Henry White alleges without referring to his authority Massacre of St. Nempe vel ipsa necessitas aliquid extorquebit, vel, quod Deus avertat, expectanda sunt omnia belli civilis incommoda.

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Quotidie ex diversis regni partibus multa ad nos tristia afferuntur in utramque partem, quoniam utrinque peccatur plerisque locis. In a similar strain Stuck writes on the next day: "In Gascony and Normandy scarcely an image is any longer to be seen; masses have ceased to be said. Undoubtedly, unless the liberty of preaching and hearing the Gospel with impunity be granted, there is great reason to fear an intestine war.

Huguenot - Words of the World

Summa eorum, etc. Letter of N. See also De Thou, iii.