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Great schools, quiet back makes for great working space. Big portable street, peaceful living! Palmetto Bay paradise! Amazing Home on The Hill. Planning Board Chair JoAnn Hanson reiterated that there had been an extensive environmental review, spanning almost 10 years, which addressed issues such as construction, water, sewer, traffic, etc. They have restricted the applicant to two construction projects at a time and additionally, the applicant will have an obligation to repair the roadways in the area if necessary. There have also been extensive engineering studies relating to water pressure in order to ensure it would not be adversely affected.

Trustee Gluck added that all of this information was available to the public as part of the Environment Impact Statement EIS which is posted on the Village website. The one home that was recently built on this particular ridgeline impacted him adversely in terms of noise for two to three years.

He was unable to use the properties because of constant pounding. He noted that various environmental impacts were being discussed, but that nobody had mentioned noise. In his view, the best thing to do would be to build fewer houses as quickly as possible. There followed a discussion with regard to rock chipping that occurred on another project in that area, which was likely the cause of the disturbance that caused the discoloration of the water. Mayor McFadden stated that it had been agreed that nothing like this would ever be allowed to happen again.

Chair Hanson added that it was important that folks realize that each individual home that is constructed as a part of the subdivision will have to come back before the Planning Board as well as the Board of Architectural Review for approval.

Biscayne Bay 9.2.12222

Construction will only occur as the lots are sold. She reiterated that everyone was aware that they could not allow a repeat of what had occurred with the extended chipping. Elizabeth Cotnoir inquired about the condition of the lots at time of sale and whether they would be clear-cut with access road and driveways built.

Golden responded that there would be no land disturbance in terms of clear-cutting or access roads prior to the sale. When the first lot comes before the Planning Board for site plan review, Overton will have to put in the necessary infrastructure to service the lot. An audience member inquired as to how much total acreage would be affected by the project. The answer was that the project covers 67 acres in total, however only 11 acres of disturbance is anticipated.

In closing, Mr. Golden stated that it is anticipated that the Findings Statement will be finalized on July 23 and the project approved by the Planning Board on August 7. After receiving Planning Board approval, the applicant will come before the BOT for the approvals as outlined. On July 1 there was a bear complaint at Tower Hill Road and rubber bullets were used to hustle the bear off the property. Aside from this incident, no weapons were discharged during the month of June.

The Department has been busy cutting back brush at intersections and adding stop bars in various locations. A new gutter system for roof drains at the water department was also installed and this will prevent that water from entering the sewer system. A representative from West Tech, the company that manufactures the filters used at the water plant, spent the better part of two days looking things over for efficiency.

Preliminary feedback was positive and a written report reflecting this is expected next week. Meg Vaught inquired about a section of the causeway near to the Boathouse where the road is eroding and the hillside is steep. She wondered if anything would be done about this. Superintendent Voss responded that he would take a look at it the following day. Secondly, Mrs.

Vaught inquired as to whether or not there were any plans to weed whack the Ridge Road Triangle in the near future. She recognized that this was likely not a top priority for the DPW, but further noted that it was quite overgrown and that she had recently seen neighbors undertaking some of the work themselves. Audrey Perry inquired about West Lake Road. The property has been uninhabited and in disrepair for years.

A tax service company, Core Logic, is paying the property taxes annually but they will not release the name of the property owner to the Village. During a previous discussion, the Board had suggested that they would go ahead and clean up the problem and then bill the property owner back via the tax roll. Following some discussion with Board Attorney Brian Nugent, it was agreed that the Village would get quotes to hire a landscaper who would in turn clean up the property and that the Village would bill back the property owner for this work via taxes.

Village Attorney Litigation Report: There is no new litigation. The Village, which is an article 78 concerning a freedom of information request. There are not additional costs. Tayback, which is a civil action brought for excessive force and false arrest. An answer to the complaint has been served and the court has scheduled an initial discovery conference on September 6.

At time disclosure will be served and the matter should move along more quickly. Following a brief discussion, it was agreed that the attorney would revise the bid document and share this with the Board for their approval prior to initiating the bid process. The Village is in the process of collecting pricing and looking into availability of divers. Unfortunately, many dive teams are already booked up, so scheduling has becoming problematic. Once they have defined schedules and cost structures, there will be a special meeting with regard to addressing the issue and getting approval.

There are two objections: to relieve the Village Clerk of some of her duties and provide some backup in that regard and also to increase internal controls in order to satisfy fully the comptroller. Hickey has begun some work in this regard and will be doing more so in the coming months. Chief Search Update — Trustee Coen reported that to date the search committee has received 6 unsolicited resumes from potential candidates who have heard about the position and would like to be considered.

Of the three letters they sent they received one response from a candidate who indicated that he was not interested in the position because of the posted salary level. The other two have yet to respond. The rationale for this salary is based on the amount a retired police chief can earn as well as what the Village is currently paying, but this may have to be revisited. Based on the projected timeline, Trustee Coen suggested that the earliest the Village would be hiring a new Chief would likely be the end of August.

Committee Reports: Lakes Committee — On behalf of the Lakes Committee Jim Hays commented that as far as the Lakes Committee was concerned although herbicides could be used if there was no other method that would work, in the case of Pond 3 and the Wee Wah, dash harvesting would work and therefore they would strongly recommend this method. The differences in cost between herbicides and harvesting are unknown as of yet, but it will likely be a few thousand one way or another.

ProcellaCOR is a relatively new herbicide, so whatever possible long-term negative effects it may have are unknown. It may not have any negative effects, but they feel it is better to be safe than sorry. On another note, Mr. Hays commented that he felt very strongly that a very aggressive approach to the milfoil is what is needed. In his view, what has been recommended is not an aggressive approach.

In Pond 3, the focus is only on areas where there is a lot of milfoil, but why let the rest of it go and spread?? Things are also spreading in Tuxedo Lake. He worries that every year that goes by where things are allowed to spread, remediation is going to cost much more down the road. My Hays responded that eradication would not happen that quickly. Chemicals would need to be used for several years.

Hays, but this is not necessarily the case. Report by Town Board Member or Trustee Liaison: Trustee Gluck reported that the consolidation referendum had been overwhelmingly approved. In actuality, the road will only be closed for 3 or 4 days at some point during this time period and while motorists may experience delays, the road will not be closed. There ensued a brief discussion of the situation with the stalled Metra Construction project on Route 17 between Tuxedo and Sloastburg. Old Business: Resolution to approve Gate Configuration Survey and closing date of July 31 — The Board voted unanimously in favor of approving the Gate Configuration Survey, which will be distributed to residents electronically as well as via water bills.

The Village clerk will be responsible for tallying the results. Resolution setting date of Special Meeting to choose front gate configuration solution- The Board voted unanimously in favor of holding a special meeting on August 1 at 8am to determine which front gate configuration solution would be utilized. With regard to tree trimming, should the Utility company contact the individual property owners or just the Building Inspector and DPW? Can they use the North Gate by the sewer plant for access to the Village?

They are attempting to obtain permission from the Town to use the ball field parking area for their equipment and material staging There is also a question of Police overtime, which will be inevitable, as detours will need to be set up and maintained. Trustee Gluck wondered how big of an operation would be involved? Trustee Coen wondered about the timing for the project and was informed that it was tentatively scheduled to take place this coming fall. Ultimately it was agreed that the questions would be tabled for the time being, allowing the trustees to further review and contribute additional questions.

Mayor McFadden further requested that Mr. Ledwith attempt to solicit a plan from them, detailing which neighborhoods would be effected and when so that they could keep residents informed and people would not be caught off guard by the work. Nugent further suggested that they find out exactly what will be expected in terms of Police involvement.

It was agreed that Mr. Ledwith would obtain the answers to these questions within the next week. The magnitude of the project will in turn determine to what degree the Village needs to seek public input before moving forward. The Club views this as a one-time exception. There followed a lengthy discussion. Trustees Gluck and McHugh were concerned with the precedent that might be set by allowing a one-time exception.

The cautioned that creating exceptions to rules like this could lead to bad policy and that ultimately it was a slippery slope. Trustee Coen agreed that it was slippery slope, however she felt that they could word things restrictively, identifying the specific qualifications for the exception so as to ensure that it would be a one-time thing. Trustee Barnett and Mayor McFadden did not have any issues with making the exception. Nugent advised that the contract already allowed for some exceptions in that first responders were allowed to join regardless of their address.

To this end, the slippery slope already exists. The Board debated several options in terms of how the might word the exception in order to ensure that it would, in fact, be a one-time occurrence. Ultimately, they voted unanimously in favor of allowing the exception. Additional Gate Arm Expense — Both the intercom system and mechanical portion of the Gate Arm at the front entrance were replaced. There were some issues with the mechanical arm as the police were using one shared device for both the arm at the Main Gate and the arm at the South Gate.

This was causing a number of issues including delays with both gates as the officers were required to push a number of buttons in order to toggle back and forth between gates. There remains a slight delay with the closing of the Main Gate Arm. The new intercom at the main gate is reportedly working well.

Village Employee Performance Review Templates- This issue was tabled, although the Mayor noted that he would like to review and approve the templates. As an added bonus to the Village, they will remove the Christmas Lights from both buildings, which have been in place since He further expressed his gratitude to Village Clerk Debbie Matthews, Desiree Hickey and all of the other individuals who helped out with the election. He thanked Mr.

Dangor for his generosity. DPW — Superintendent Voss reported that he had received pricing for the milling, reclamation and resurfacing of several Village roads as discussed at the previous meeting. The back of Wee Wah Road will be ground up, graded, compacted and then paved. Following some discussion the Board approved funding for this work in the form of two resolutions; one for the milling reclamation and resurfacing work and the other for straight up paving. Next Superintendent Voss turned to the pumps at the Water Plant. Following the installation of a new pump and motor, there was still some vibration in one of the pumps.

After taking apart the pump in question, they discovered it is in need of a new impeller assembly. They attempted to switch the impeller out with another one, however vibration was still detected. Following some discussion, the Board unanimously approved this expense. This was also unanimously approved. The superintendent reported that there was an existing sewer main there and that he had used a camera to televise the line in order to determine whether or not it should be replaced prior to installation of the booth.

Superintendent Voss indicated that the pipe could be relined as an alternative to digging it up.

Ultimately, the line runs to the Town plant and is owned by the Town, so the Village would not be responsible for repairs. Mayor McFadden inquired as to whether or not there had been any discussion with the Tuxedo Club with regard to replanting the hedge along the shoreline of the Lake by the Main Club House. Building Inspector Ledwith indicated that this issue had been raised with the Club on several occasions.

Three years ago, the Club advised the Village that they would be presenting a Master Landscaping Plan for approval, although nothing has been presented to date. The Mayor asked Mr. Ledwith to contact the Club and raise issue, further commenting that there were excessive goose droppings on the sloping lawn and they were being washed directly into the drinking water.

He further suggested that the Village should investigate whether or not they might comply with the necessary regulations that would allow them to obtain a culling permit from the DEC for the geese. Resolution- Appoint Part Time Police Officers : The Board voted unanimously in favor of appointing 3 part-time police officers, effective June 24, subject to an interview with the Mayor or a Trustee. Click here to view.

Garbage Pick-up — Trustee Barnett reported that he and Trustee Gluck had visited Sterling Carting to learn more about the recycling and garbage programs. Ultimately, what they learned is that the value of recycled plastic is decreasing and as a result, recyclers everywhere are less and less willing to take it. The only material of value is clean paper which is essentially newspaper only and cardboard. What we do here in the Village for recycling is more symbolic than anything else.

In examining the contract and looking at possible ways to reduce expenses, the Village could choose to recycle different materials each week i. As for the garbage pick-up, the only real way to significantly reduce those costs would be for the Village to revert to curbside pick-up. It was universally agreed that the majority of residents would likely not be in favor this change. Following some further discussion, the Board agreed to authorize their attorney to draft BID documents for the garbage contract.

The Search for a New Police Chief — Mayor McFadden reported that a search committee had been formed with the goal of developing a short list of candidates 2 or 3 to present to the Board of Trustees. The Village is required to interview the top 3 or anyone equivalent to the top 3. They will begin this process shortly. To supplement the job description, the search committee is now developing a one-page plan, which adds the color of what they are looking for in terms of community reach-out and job responsibilities as well as more clearly describing the Village and the community.

They are hopeful that interviews will take place within the next weeks with an offer to be made within a month after that process has concluded. If anyone in the community has strong feelings and would like to contribute to the one-page summary, they should feel free to submit them to either the Mayor or Trustee Coen. Truste Coen has completed a rough cost analysis of hiring additional full-time officers and reducing the number of part-time officers vs keeping things as they are. This is dependent on a number of factors, such as the salary of the incoming Chief.

Bottom line, based on a very rough analysis, adding a fourth full-time officer, and assuming that the full-time officers will work weekends which they are not obligated to do currently and would need to be negotiated could save the Village as much as 30 to 40, annually. Mayor McFadden asked Chief Melchiorre weather he would recommend keeping things the way they are or hiring the additional full-time officer.

It was agreed that this should be done. The Booth — The Board had a lengthy discussion concerning the booth. Click here to listen to it. Village Attorney Litigation Report: Village Attorney Brian Nugent reported that the only matter currently pending was Madden vs The Village, which is an article 78 challenge about FOIL documents that were not formatted in a way that the petitioner found to be acceptable. Madden appealed to the Appellate Division. Briefs have been submitted and they are awaiting a determination.

The only other matter is a civil matter, which is a false arrest claim arising out of a police incident. Click here to view a copy. Noting that they were making no commitment to pursue any of the projects, Mr. Hays read the list into the record, formally requesting Board feedback. The list of projects can be viewed here. Finally, Mr. Hays touched on the preliminary feedback that has been received from the Lake Managers, N. An informal copy ofthe commitee's thoughts can viewed here.

There followed some discussion with regard to Pond 3. Although NEAR does not condemn the use of herbicides there, the committee does not favor that approach and cautioned that they should only be used in the lake system as a last resort. Mayor McFadden suggested that the Village bring DASH in immediately to begin an aggressive pulling effort there, noting that the milfoil had quickly rebounded in that lake following chemical treatment last fall and that along the south shoreline it was worse than it had been before. Trustee Gluck commented that NEAR had also provided mapping which indicated areas where they felt hand pulling should occur and that they had further been discussing the work with a couple of different vendors.

He suggested that as the plans developed, they would price check with another vendor before coming back to the Board with a price and a recommendation to move forward. There is some doubt as to how soon the pulling can begin as this is the busy season and contracting divers will not be easy. Hand Pulling has also been recommended for areas of dense milfoil in Tuxedo Lake. The Mayor suggested that if the Board was in favor, they should initiate an aggressive DASH pulling program as quickly as possible. There was a relatively brief discussion with regard to funding, after which it was determined that similar to the situation in Pond 3, NEAR would discuss the scope of work with a couple of vendors as plans developed and that a recommendation would be made to the Board as soon as possible.

A special meeting can be scheduled to authorize the work. Report by Town Board Member or Trustee Liaison: Town Board member Michele Lindsay began her update by speaking to an email exchange, which had occurred earlier in the day pertaining to Route Now it appears that there is a chance that the DOT might get involved, however Mrs.

Lindsay is not certain that they are qualified to do the work that Metra was contracted to do. The project has been shut down since the fall of when Metra had a blasting accident on site. At a minimum the DOT is expected to smooth out the surface of the road. What will happen in terms of hiring a new contractor to complete the project remains to be seen.

Trustee Gluck inquired as to what had become of the Road Diet project that had been proposed for Sloatsburg and he was informed that it had been modified and that while work would still take place it would not be as extensive as what had been publicized a while back. Next, Mrs. The referendum will contain two questions. The first will address whether or not the people want to form a Village and the second will ask whether they want to consolidate immediately.

Village residents will only be invited to vote on one of these questions. A mailing will be sent to all residents from the Town providing more details. Lindsay and Trustee Coen have also been working together on a CFA consolidation grant to see if there is anything they might be able to come up with for the Town and the Village. With regard to the Economic Development Workshops, Mrs.

Lindsay reported that committees had been formed and a marketing plan was being put together to market all the available properties for corporate purposes. They are also working on updating the pre-existing development plan from Additionally they are reaching out to local landlords to see if anything can be done to get them to take a more proactive approach to leasing out available space.

They also continue to work on developing ecotourism. Lindsay responded that they were still hoping for a July opening, although they had encountered some issues with hooking up septic tank, as there is currently a sewer moratorium in place. The work is essentially complete they just need septic hook up and Board of Health approvals. They are working with the County to get these things in place as quickly as possible. Lindsay responded that Mr.

The Mayor wondered what type of tenant Mr. Bruno was looking to attract. Lindsay responded that ideally he would like a restaurant but currently she believes the plan is to open it as an antique shop…just to have something open there. With an antique shop, parking will not be an issue. Should a restaurant go in, the parking issue will have to be revisited. Public Comments: Lili Neuhauser thanked Mrs. Lindsay for her efforts with regard to the issues on Route 17, commenting that the whole thing was a complete mess and that it was shocking that nobody had been killed there.

Old Business: Data Logger- The Board has been discussing possibly moving forward with a data logger system in order to better chart water loss in the Village. John Ledwith advised the Board that going with a partial system as previously discussed to include 12 censors would not in his view get the job done as they would have to constantly move the censors around. It will also help to pinpoint new leaks as they occur. The Village has had some success over the last several years using various different methods of detecting water loss.

They have invested quite a bit of money, but they have never been able to effectively catch up. There followed a somewhat lengthy discussion wit regard to the finances and the various other possibilities. Trustee Barnett stated that he felt that this was an issue that the Village had been struggling with for 20 years and that in his view if they were going to invest in it, they should do it right and go with the full system.

Trustees Coen and Gluck expressed concern over the substantial cost of the system combined with associated costs that would surely present themselves moving forward. Ultimately, it was determined that they would table the vote and discuss it further. The project remains within contingency. In order to apply for short term financing at reasonable rates, the Village must have a bond resolution in place. There followed some discussion with regard to ratifying a second resolution that was made back in September, but it was determined that this would be tabled.

Resolution — Ratify Resolution of May 20, — The Board voted unanimously in favor of ratifying a resolution to appoint the position of Building and Land Use Officer to John Ledwith to reflect that the appointment had been made by the Mayor and approved by the Board. Click here to view the Notice b ack to top. The Village Attorney has prepared a draft agreement reflecting this proposed change.

Trustee Gluck suggested that they amend the agreement to reflect a single payment rather than prorating their license payment over the course of several months. Trustee Barnett inquired as to whether or not members of the fishing club were permitted to fish on Tuxedo Lake. There followed a brief discussion regarding the required credentials of those who are permitted to fish Tuxedo Lake.

Mayor McFadden noted that the police have recently caught a number of people poaching fish from the Wee Wah. Two individuals in particular had more than 30 bass in a take-away bag, which is not permitted. There is a limit to the number of fish individuals can remove from the lake. Beyond that, catch and release is employed. These individuals will be appearing in Village court in a couple of weeks. They do this in conjunction with the DEC. All of the data has been provided to N. The Mayor wondered when the Village might see some results from N.

Ultimately, there is no definite timeline, although they are hopeful to see results of the aquatic plant study in roughly 2 weeks with chemistry results projected to take longer at weeks. Following some further discussion regarding the proposed payment schedule, it was unanimously agreed that Trustees Gluck and McHugh would have the authority to make necessary changes prior to the Mayor signing off, as previously proposed. Next, the Board moved on to the proposed draft survey concerning the various options for the Front Gate.

As proposed, it is a one-question survey, but it is quite lengthy as it fully outlines the reason why the Trustees are surveying the public while striving to provide as much information about each potential option as reasonably possible. There are 4 suggested options:. Before addressing the various options themselves, the Board had a lengthy discussion as to how the survey should be disseminated and whether or not it should be anonymous. Various methods of ensuring that each person could only take the survey once were also discussed.

Ultimately the majority of the Board felt that both should occur. Following further discussion, it was agreed that the survey would be distributed electronically via Survey Monkey and that residents would have the option to include their name, but it would not be required. People will be directed to the survey via email, the Village website and a sign to be posted at the Front Gate. Next, the Trustees briefly discussed the Town Hall Style meeting, to take place prior to distribution of the survey. The Mayor wanted to know what the agenda for this meeting would be.

Trustee Coen suggested that the agenda would consist of laying out each of the options for the public. She further commented that her goal was not to push any particular option or agenda. Rather the goal was for the Board to gain insight into what the residents actually want. She added that she has no predisposed notions as to which option makes the most sense or which options the residents want. She is striving to collect this information. Discussion then turned to the individual options. The survey has been designed to lay out each of the options in terms of design, location, duration of project, estimated costs and noted features.

This is not the case. Trustee Coen responded that she had only indicated a potential to apply those funds to the project, and the Mayor informed her that there was in fact no potential for that. He went on to suggest that because there was no definitive pricing attached to options 3 and 4, the questions were hypothetical in nature.

He is not comfortable with putting out guesses in lieu of actual figures. Trustee Barnett commented that he understood this concern. Mayor McFadden expressed concern that as presented residents might vote for option 4 because they like the idea of it, without realizing that in actuality it has never been priced and that the Village does not have an architect. He went on to say that he was planning to make a public statement as to why he felt the survey was apples and oranges.

The Village has no way of truly estimating the costs of these other proposed projects without going through the entire process, which he has done with his proposal. He plans to vote no on the survey as written. Trustee Gluck noted that he understood this point as there was a level of preciseness included in option 2, which the other options clearly lack. At the same time he feels that what the survey is suggesting to the public is that there is potential for an alternative to what has been proposed….

So the question becomes whether or not the residents want to go with something like option 2, which is shovel ready, or do they want to defer and explore the alternatives further. The Mayor responded that he felt a more feasible survey would only include the first 3 options. Each option was then reviewed in some detail.

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Option 2 Center Island Manned Booth is a shovel ready project for which all of the details have been vetted and organized into both electronic files as well as a project binder, available for residents to view at the Village Office. Noting that there was limited to no information on Option 3 Upgrade the current intercom system to kiosk with interactive technology screen Trustee Coen asked Trustee McHugh if he might provide some details. This was looked at two years ago…. It was further suggested that Trustee McHugh would work with John Ledwith to get the information necessary to provide some granularity on more current costs.

Trustee Gluck suggested that this was not going to happen. I think it will take a fair amount of work to figure out if something like this is actually ready and obtainable and the quality of it today. In my mind, the notion is the same. Would you rather have this shovel ready project or would you rather have something else, undefined technology solution…may or may not be there today in a workable format.

Trustee Gluck agreed that it would be but he expressed his doubts as to whether or not this could be achieved in a reasonable time frame. Trustee Coen pointed out that the idea had been investigated two years prior, which suggested to her that somewhere there were specifications. Ultimately it was determined that a rough estimate could be obtained building off of the information they had collected in and that there was also information regarding what the system might look like that could be provided via a link.

Trustee McHugh will work with John Ledwith to pull this information together. Option 4 is a Recessed Manned Booth designed to be in keeping with the architectural standards of Tuxedo Park, with Resident and non-Resident lanes. Trustee McHugh suggested that if this is the solution residents opt for, the Village would have to go back to the architect who originally put forth the designs in and ask for permission to use the designs as well as a rough cost estimate based on other work they have done within the Park. Trustee McHugh suggested that they could back out labor and use prevailing wage labor rates.

Would they want compensation or a guarantee on the job?

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  • Nugent advised that the drawings were already part of the public record, having been previously presented. He further advised that the best way to avoid conflict would be to contact the architect before hand and ask permission. The Trustees were in agreement that this would be the best way to proceed. Trustee Barnett suggested that options were viable in his opinion and that if the public should indicate that any of these were the direction they would like to see taken, that the Board would likely approve whichever one had the most support.

    We might want to reserve for it and get it done in three years. I think we need to put the caveat there that this is a very expensive option. She then reiterated that putting the options out there was not a guarantee that the Village intended to move forward with any of them. This is not the option I am promoting, but I want to understand what people want. I am not promoting any of these options. Why are we saying that it could be this one? Trustee Coen reiterated that if the consensus of the people was that they wanted that option and were willing to wait for it, that it would become more viable.

    Trustee Barnett disagreed, suggesting that it would likely cost 1 million dollars. The survey will be used to ascertain whether or not the people want to move forward with the shovel ready project or if they would prefer the Village to further explore the other options. I am not for putting out anything that is misleading. That is a strawman. I remember. I remember people talking about it. The discussion about whether or not to include choice 4 on the survey continued for some time.

    Ultimately it was agreed that Trustees Barnett and Coen would work to flesh out option 4 as much as possible. There followed a discussion between the Board and Brian Nugent with regard to the procurement policy. Mayor McFadden cautioned that with option 2 Center Island Manned Booth the more time that went by there were some issues that needed to be considered. Donors may ask for their money back.