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I am still looking for an administrative job in Baltimore; if you come across anything, keep me in mind. I have a number of applications out there and I am making job search my full-time job for now. Be open to help. People like to feel helpful — it makes them feel good about themselves.

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If anything, this is probably the reason your friends and family DO ask you how the job search is going. Tell them how they can help. Periodically ask if the company they work with is hiring or if they have heard of any openings. It is okay to be selective about who you ask for help. Use your best judgment!

Ask for feedback on your interview answers, resume, or cover letter.

Propel your career by moving jobs in the same industry

I often ask clients to have colleagues review resumes we are working on for further input. Put you best foot forward and stay positive.

Like often attracts like. If you are putting on your sad face and moping around complaining about how hard it is to find a job… Well, this might not be working in your favor! The biggest boundary that I think most of us struggle with is with our inboxes.

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By the time I reach inbox zero, it seems more emails pop up—with no end in sight. Train yourself to only check your emails at certain points during the day, and as you did with your to-do list, categorize them by urgency. Here are some other ways to communicate boundaries:. The worst thing you can feel is out of control of your time, so find small ways to regain some of it.

Staying Sane in a Job You Don't Want

Licensed social worker and career coach Melody Wilding suggests finding things in your environment that you can tweak. She had a client who felt like she was never getting things done, so she identified her calendar as a way to regain some of that control.

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People were just grabbing open times, so instead of playing defense, she proactively told her teammates when she could and could not meet, and made sure her calendar reflected that. You are reminding yourself that your health comes above all else. And when you do spend your Saturday lying in bed, eating Seamless and watching Southern Charm , relish in it.

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Luckily, I know a few hundred women who have been there, and have some seriously amazing advice. Erin Sanders EB Sanders. Unfortunately, I started drinking very heavily at the end. It truly was the breaking point for me. So my funny advice is drink heavily. My real life advice is do everything you can during nights and weekends to get you out of the day job.

Figure out your true hustle and begin doing it before you become a full-fledged alcoholic!

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And not lighthearted action. Be the risk taker! Julia Ng The Lucid Path.