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Not a member? Register Here. Imbuing Calculator. Grab a good lot here today! Great for playing! Great for Training! If you have any questions, press the live chat button and ask us. Nox Crystal 60k. Batwing - 60K. Grave Dust - 60K. Pig Iron - 60K. Are you a master at the art of Focus? Caraxes lived long enough to crawl back onto the land. Gutted, with one wing torn from his body and the waters of the lake smoking about him, the Blood Wyrm found the strength to drag himself onto the lakeshore, expiring beneath the walls of Harrenhal.

Daemon plunged into the lake at a high speed alongside two dying dragons that were still tearing at each other. So hard was the impact that it sent up a shock wave as tall as a tower before the water began to boil.

Blood Daemon

How can a person possibly survive that? That Prince Daemon died as well we cannot doubt. His remains were never found, but there are queer currents in that lake, and hungry fish as well.

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The singers tell us that the old prince survived the fall and afterward made his way back to the girl Nettles, to spend the remainder of his days at her side. Such stories make for charming songs, but poor history. Even Mushroom gives the tale no credence, nor shall we.

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  • One of the most savage of the mountain clan came to worship her, the storytellers say; youths would prove their courage by bringing gifts to her, and were only accounted men when they returned with burns to show that they had faced the dragon woman in her lair. Nettles was alone, hiding in the Mountains of the Moon among the mountain clans which Daemon would never ever do.

    Their sheep are prettier than their women. As for the redemption arc thing, um, what redemption arc? Falling in love does not constitute as a redemption arc in and of itself, neither does settling a personal score with Aemond in a war both were fighting for a throne.

    His final act of killing Aemond was about pride and vengeance, not something done out of the goodness of his heart to protect the Riverlands. In this world of men, we women must band together. Before Rhaenyra Targaryen married her uncle, her cousin Jeyne Arryn, the Lady of the Eyrie, tried to warn her that Daemon Targaryen would make a poor and potentially dangerous consort. Read AO3. While he was clearly a military genius, he also had some interesting political savy. Otto Hightower kept trying to get Daemon booted from positions on the Small Council, and was successful twice.

    Charming and charismatic, his new position put him in closer contact with the Small Folk, who took to calling him the Prince of the City. Littlefinger turned the royal treasury into an investment bank, taking advantage of market conditions and turning untold profits for the crown. Prince Daemon turned an inept and corrupt organization into his personal army:. Princess Rhaenyra was also enamored of her uncle, for Daemon was ever attentive to her.

    Whenever he crossed the narrow sea upon his dragon, he brought her back some exotic gift on his return. It was a good strategy — and it shows just how far back Daemon was working to ascend the throne.

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    I think their relationship is very complex, because you might have a doubt about their feelings for each other. Keep reading. One of the little mysteries featured in George R. My evaluation of the suspects in question. Next to perish were the elder Strongs. Lyonel Strong, Lord of Harrenhal and Hand of the King, accompanied his son and heir Ser Harwin on his return to the great, half-ruined castle on the lakeshore. Shortly after their arrival, a fire broke out in the tower where they were sleeping, and both father and son were killed, along with three of their retainers and a dozen servants.

    The cause of the fire was never determined. Many suspected that the blaze was set intentionally. Mushroom suggests that the Sea Snake was behind it, as an act of vengeance against the man who had cuckolded his son. Other[sic] have put forward the notion that Larys Clubfoot might have been responsible; with his father and elder brother dead, Larys Strong become Lord of Harrenhal.

    The most disturbing possibility was advanced by none other than Grand Maester Mellos, who muses that the king himself might have given the command. The text itself is quite dismissive of the idea that Lord Corlys Velaryon was the man behind it, and I would concur. This suggestion, moreover, comes from Mushroom, whose whole claim to fame is his being a jester in the court of King Viserys. His motivation is stated as follows:. I have two issues with this suggestion. Firstly, that this exceptionally ruthless action is difficult to square with the Viserys we see in the rest of the books, who is a fairly jovial man and shies away from taking harsh measures.

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    Why, when it would endanger, among other things, the chance to see his own son seated on the Iron Throne one day? The Hand of the King could obviously not leave the capital for that length of a journey without the King knowing. For this scenario to work, Viserys would have had to have dispatched assassins well in advance to Harrenhal, to have had no means of communicating with them after Lord Lyonel chose to leave, to not have done the obvious thing of contriving some reason why Lord Lyonel was needed in the capital to avoid his returning to Harrenhal, and finally to have employed assassins who would either not notice that Lord Lyonel had also returned or else to not think to reconsider the plan in light of this seeing as there was no time limit on when they could act; if the King wanted Ser Harwin dead, he could do so at any time; there would have been no likely harm in delay to reassess the situation.

    Of the remaining suspects, one cannot categorically eliminate Prince Daemon from consideration. I favour, however, the position that it was Larys. To start, Larys has the most concrete and least speculative motive of the various suspects. The Sea Snake may have gained petty revenge, the King may have sought to keep a secret, Prince Daemon may have sought to remove a rival — Larys Strong undisputedly did gain Harrenhal. Relatedly, he is the only one of the four suspects who absolutely did benefit from the death of Lord Lyonel as well as Ser Harwin. First, at this point Larys was not Lord of Harrenhal or so far as we know Master of Whisperers, and thus he did not have nearly the same resources he would subsequently command.

    The recent controversy at Dragonstone would provide cover to act as well, with many other potential suspects. So there is considerable motive and opportunity. One would think this would be a welcome prospect for House Strong. Not suggestive of a man possessed overmuch of family feeling. Indeed, that may explain as well his strong desire to keep Rhaenyra off the throne. Were she to become queen, she would be well-placed to follow up on any suspicions she might have concerning the death of her former lover, which Larys could not afford. I think he probably saw her and immediately thought she was beautiful, but then when he got to know her I think he probably fell more in love with her.

    But then again Daemon being the drama queen that he was probably thought the moment that he saw her she was perfect and nothing could compare, haha. I definitely think that he loved Laena for more than her looks though. His niece barges into his rooms without any care for propriety. She does not wait to be announced, and indeed has left her guard well behind her.

    He smirks.

    It is an attitude only befitting a Queen. Her lips are warm and soft, and her eyes are sparkling when she pulls away. So bright, so pure. Now she is the greatest beauty in all the realm.

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    His little niece blushes at that, basking in the adoration. She is one who likes compliments, he senses. One who is used to getting them. She is used to men fawning over her , he thinks, and it makes him smile. She is more like him than Viserys. They hesitate, and he needs only place a hand on his sword before they comply, shuffling from the room, though by the sounds they make, he can tell they stop just outside the door. She hisses the last part, enraged, and inflamed, and confused. She is both petulant little girl and seductive temptress in that moment, and he knows what side he wants to nurture.

    Her eyes remain wide-open, unblinking, trusting, loving. He watches you night and day. He knows that you are a little girl. A sweet maiden. Never kissed, never touched. What right does a knight have to such purity? She is unaccustomed to not having her way. He will have to break her of that. And then she blushes, a deep pink that only makes her look that much more lovely. She trails off, and looks to him for guidance, and he chuckles and closes the distance between them, with the press of his lips to hers.

    Her lips are soft and full, and when he runs the tip of his tongue over them, her mouth opens obediently. He brushes his tongue against hers, deepening the kiss, sliding his fingers through her hair to pull her closer. She mimics his movements, clumsily at first, but picks up the rhythm quickly, and in no time at all, her tongue is pushing back, just right.

    He pulls away then, nipping at her bottom lip gently. You got sads this morning, and seduction this evening.