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But Kouyou knew that as soon as he was alone within the confines of his bedroom walls, that horrible feeling would return, and he would once again be forced to listen. Suddenly Kouyou felt extremely childish and stupid for ringing up the other boy. Everything that had happened during the last week had to have been the wild imagination of his overly creative brain. The blond absently wondered what his friend was doing, but just shook his head as he remembered the reason why he had called. He peered over his shoulder, almost as a caution to see if anyone was listening.

I just called to talk, you know? The phone call ended when the blond told him where he was, and after their curt goodbyes, Kouyou sighed as he pocketed his phone. Happy that he would soon be with Yutaka and his soothing presence, Kouyou thought that it would be a good idea to get some coffee before the brunet came to pick him up. The idea of some steaming, bitter coffee slipping down his throat seemed pretty inviting to the blond, and he knew it would calm his nerves somewhat while he waited.

He had to get his mind away from the blissful unknown that tormented him. Kouyou had never been into the coffee shops in this area before, and he rarely ever ventured into this part of town, with the dim lights the streets seemed darker and unwelcoming compared to the places he was more comfortable with. In the end, he decided to be bold and strong. Yutaka would be here to pick him up shortly anyway—besides what could be more scary than some invisible creature breathing down your neck?

The blond pushed open the glass door then lead into the nearest coffee shop, searching the store before he saw an empty seat beside the window, and deciding it would be best place so that he could keep an eye on the street. Sitting down on the plush booth seats, Kouyou waited patiently until one of the waitresses came to get his order before he propped his chin up and started to keep an eye out for Yutaka.

His concentration suddenly broke when he felt the shadow of someone looming over him. Kouyou looked up, half expecting the waitress coming back with his order but was instead greeted with unwanted faces, stretched with cunning smirks. Faces he knew way too well, and never wanted to come across—not at this time of night, anyway. The blond narrowed his eyes as his friends chuckled along with him, occasionally showering him with their spiteful glares and merciless laughter; something that Kouyou could never tolerate.

He had enough problems without having these assholes thrown into the miserable mix of his life. His retort seemed to amuse the group surrounding him, instead of intimidating them like Kouyou had foolishly hoped. Memories resurfaced, and Kouyou suddenly remembered his name—Toshiya. He should have known better than to say or do something stupid like he had, though.

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Kouyou had no idea where the abrupt bout of courage had come from, but he knew he would be cursing his confidence soon enough. Just as he expected, the first excruciating blow landed on his stomach, brutally colliding with his guts viciously and leaving him breathless, gasping for air.

Kouyou winced in pain, biting his trembling lip to prevent himself from making any noise as his auburn eyes screwed shut. The blond clutched his stomach, leaning onto the coffee table for support as he tried to regain his breath. He could hear frenzied movements around him, and some people shouting and screaming in panic at the sudden commotion.

The blond felt a booted foot violently land on the middle of his back and he groaned as the heel dug into his spine, twisting his skin as it ground down into him. He absently heard Toshiya and the others curse under their breath before they scampered away into the night, and relief flooded him for a moment before he heard a shuffle, and his supposed saviour turned around to face him.

Kouyou let out a small shriek, the face he knew all too well coming into view. The blond hastily scrambled back up to his feet, even as his aching back howled in pain and his body protested against the sudden movements, and he took a step back in fear. Adrenaline thrummed through him as Yuu pressed his body closer, feeling the warmth radiate from the blond. Kouyou shuddered, a small sound of displeasure escaping from him, his body cold and as still as stone as he let Yuu do what he wanted. Was there even any point in trying to struggle and get away? The blond already knew Yuu was stronger than Toshiya, and he was much more intimidating; it took some effort to breathe properly.

He had a feeling it would only entice the raven haired boy to go further, and the last thing he wanted was for his attacker to think he was enjoying this. Yuu pulled back for a moment, sharp ears picking up on a familiar name called from afar. The knot of tension that had slowly worked itself up in his stomach vanished, and his body slowly began to relax. Where are you? Kouyou gulped, eyes squeezing shut before he opened them again, and turned to look at Yutaka as he choked the words out, forcing them from his raw throat.

His parents were fast asleep, and he had no intention of rousing them so late at night, even as his blond friend shook in terror next to him. It was daunting to see him like this, scared beyond his wits and pang of hurt spread through him. What had happened to his friend, the one who always had a retort with his sharp mouth, who always stood up for himself and never gave in to anyone or anything?

So far, he had received none. From where he was sat, Kouyou nodded numbly, the question not really registering in his mind as he gripped the fabric of his pants tightly, knuckles turning icy white. He could still feel those rough lips on his cheek, that slimy tongue on his neck, that lustful want pressing against his—. Kouyou let out a shriek, leaping from his seat, hips banging against the edge table as he stood up, panting hard as his eyes frantically searched the room for any signs of Yuu, but found none.

He was going mad. His throat felt tight, and emotion swelled within him for his friend, who was obviously very disturbed and clearly upset. He resisted the urge to lay his hand on Kouyou to comfort him, remembering how the blond had flinched away from him back in the alley.

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That had hurt, but Yutaka had decided to shrug it away and hope that it was him that Kouyou was rejecting. The blond whimpered at the eternal promise of nightmares that would surely consume him, viciously eating away at his sleep. He almost protested, but noticed the brunet had offered his hand for him to take, the appendage lingering hopefully in the air,.

Kouyou took it, and Yutaka helped him to his feet. The urge to protect Kouyou from whatever that was scaring him was strong and intense, and he wished that his friend would trust him more and confide in him. Shaking the thoughts from his mind and knowing that it was inappropriate for him to be thinking about his true feelings for his friend during a time like this, Yutaka gently ushered the honey blond inside the bathroom, pulling out some fresh pajamas that Kouyou could wear and a new toothbrush from one of the bathroom cabinets.

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Kouyou let his eyes close with a sigh, the prospect of having Yutaka near him diminished the thought of having those grotesque nightmares. A fond smile appeared on his lips when his friend scrambled under the blanket as well, wrapping his arms around Kouyou in a secure embrace, and Kouyou could never be more grateful for the company. Shadows sneakily crept along the walls; thick hands stretching out for something to touch, to hold. Kouyou felt his sweat damp and sticky at the back of his neck, felt his breath coming out in short, wispy gasps as he watched the the dark shapes seep down the tattered wallpaper, dripping from the wall to the floor into a pile of sludge.

The black puddle bubbled, and the blond scampered back, fingers brushing over coarse bone as the blunt crunching noises echoed throughout the room, crushed by his weight. This was hell in his mind, he was sure of it. The decayed branches scraped at the window, dragging across the glass and Kouyou knew from experience that he was coming again—Yuu was coming again. This was how it always began; the shadows that morphed; the air that sang The blond whimpered as the command continued to hiss in his ears, making him shudder as his eyes landed on the black sludge in front of him, which had started to slowly change colour.

He ordered himself to run, to get as far away from this place as possible, but his body remained unresponsive. Terror shot through him as felt the heavy weight of chains holding him down to the ground, preventing any kind of escape from happening. The bubbling sludge seemed to water down as it slowly approached him, and the tears he had been trying to desperately hold in finally slipped down his pale cheek as the red pooled around his foot, which were suddenly bare—his entire body had been stripped of all clothing, and a sob fell past his lips as the liquid slid up his leg, taking the shape and form of a hand.

Flesh met flesh, and the blond quickly closed his eyes, trying to block out the horror unfolding in front of him and not wanting to witness as Yuu slowly materialized before him. Something beautifully foul churned within his heart, an unknown desire to listen and obey; to answer every command with vigor, no matter how much his mind protested and begged. He was leaning above Kouyou, long hair as dark as midnight slipping over his bare shoulder as he bent, the rest of his body forming together with a sickening crack.

Yuu groaned in pleasure as he nipped and bit, before his tongue dragged downwards, saliva mixing with the crimson and leaving an pink translucent trail behind. Disgust and anger filled the blond, but it was also accompanied by arousal, much to his horror and Kouyou found his body arching into the touch, suddenly as hot and hard as his assailant was. The blond grit his teeth, tugging at the chains and attempting to break free, but the cold metal just dug into his skin, leaving the pale flesh raw despite his best efforts.

Yuu stared up at him from beneath silky black strands, eyes devouring the boy that lay beneath him. Kouyou let out a terrified sob and tried to clamp them shut again, knowing what was about to come. He had lived in this nightmare for the last week, and each night Yuu had gone further, tainted him more—made him more ashamed and rotten inside every time he opened his eyes and ventured into reality. The blond fell silent at the order, heart thudding loudly in his chest.

His legs ached, the muscles there not used to being pulled into such an obscene position, but it was the least of Kouyou's worries as he stared at the raven's face. Yuu had never been angry before—persistent and determined to get what he wanted, but he had never shouted, always whispering his dark wants and desires as he twisted Kouyou's mind with sweet seduction. It was the only part the blond was grateful for, that Yuu always seemed to be in control of everything he did and had never lashed out at him.

He wondered if that irrelevant fact was the reason that had set the raven off in a fit of jealousy.

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Kouyou wondered what he had even done to deserve this kind of treatment. He wondered why Yuu, who he had thought was just the creature who stalked his dreams and prowled around his mind was real and had found him today It happened so fast as Kouyou was slapped harshly, his head flinging to the side from the impact. The chains allowed him to cup his cheek, rubbing the sore flesh and trying to nurse it, to get rid of some of the pain.

From above the shaking body, the raven bared his teeth in frustration. Kouyou wearily rubbed the sleep from his tired eyes as he packed his school bag for the day, letting out a long yawn as he finally finished and zipped the rucksack up and swinging it over his shoulder. A sharp knock at the door told him that Yutaka had already arrived so that they could walk to school together, just like every other morning. Yutaka had been worried, but Kouyou had remained tight lipped about the nightmares, and the incident with Yuu in the alley.

Some of his face was concealed by a band, only adding to his mysterious aura and the blond decided to quickly turn away as the school came into focus. Kouyou just nodded his head meekly, and watched as Yutaka gave him a curt wave before he disappeared in the sea of bodies. He did, however, see Toshiya stalking down the hallway angrily, clearly in a bad mood and Kouyou could only cringe, remembering what had happened a few nights ago in the alley when he had been cornered and not wanting a rencounter of what had happened.

Instead, he lowered his head and stealthily slid through the corridors to avoid being seen and when he reached one of the doors that led to the gym, he pulled it open, knowing that the basketball courts would be empty at this time during the morning. He closed his eyes and reveled in the silence for a moment, before a dull thudding noise echoed throughout the large room and his eyes widened as he spotted a figure all the way at the end of the court, dressed in loose clothing and casually shooting hoops.

A bit curious as to why someone was using the facilities at this time, when all the other students seemed to be off with their friends of preparing for the school day, Kouyou awkwardly gripped the straps of his bag and made his way down to the end of the court. As he got closer, the blond could feel his heart sink in disbelief and the strong urge to turn around and run as far as he possibly could consumed him.

Kouyou turned abruptly on his heel, only for the scent of sweet cologne and cigarettes, accompanied with the salty stench of sweat to stimulate his senses as he collided with a hard chest.

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I thought we talked about that. His exposed biceps glistened with sweat in the light of the gym, and Kouyou focused his gaze on the muscle and tried to stop himself from making noises he knew would only entice Yuu. You know where your screams are wanted. Kouyou was surprised at the affectionate gesture, and he shivered at the lewd words. It prompted a salacious image to flutter in his mind, but the thought was gone as quickly as it had entered.

The blond felt something pinch his side harshly, and he found himself gasping at the sudden twinge of pain before whimpering at the tongue that snaked into his mouth uninvited, eagerly exploring. A mirage of all the lecherous things this man had done to him in what was supposed to be the sanctuary of his mind drifted through his mind and he could feel himself tremble in fear, even as Yuu massaged his neck.

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Yuu leaned in closer, his fingers shifting and he felt a small thrill go through him as he felt the rapid pulse beneath his fingertips, almost enticing him to take what he wanted right now. He had told himself he had wanted to play with this one for awhile, and while he was certainly enjoying it and the end result would remain the same, he had been starved of what he had desired ever since he had laid eyes on the blond.

His gums began to tingle in anticipation as the atmosphere became tense; Kouyou was quiet and seemingly placid in his embrace, and was staring down at the ground. If Yuu had taken the option to force his gaze upwards, he would have noticed the utter distraught on his pretty face and the tears that were in his aureate eyes. Instead, all he noticed was a scent that he was not familiar with, though he knew exactly who it belonged to. Yuu ignored the tears that finally slid down his face, and instead glowered down at him in irritation.

So he instead opted to ask the question that had been drilling its way through his head for awhile now. He let out a sigh and found his voice. Comments: We are so, so proud of this chapter. Personally, I feel like I've accomplished something great.

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This is the longest chapter either of us have written ever, and we hope you enjoyed it! Just nudge her and she'll add you back ;. Current Mood: satisfied. I'm so so very proud of ourselves, specially veroxion, because she just made this chapter super awesome and i know i could never have done it the way she did. And the comment at the end, aww girl you're such a sweety! I'm adding this to my journal right away!

Reply Thread Link. Aw, but I'm so proud as well I feel happy that we managed to finish it, and it's such a long chapter as well! Harris Schroff. Hank Williams. Brian M Sallee. Nerve Salad. Ivan Jelcic. James Murphy. Bearded Ranger. Anthony D. Christopher Asylum. Christian Martin. Big Mike Deuces. Ajani the Insane. Cyrus Grey. Terry The Ancient 1 Cuyler. Krazy Kracker Bruno Correia. Purchasable with gift card.

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